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Arizona’s Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Certified mold removal and mold remediation specialists. We service throughout Phoenix AZ and surrounding cities of Maricopa County, Arizona since 1996. We offer Free Mold Inspections and low cost Mold Testing Services and provide you a complete scope of work that needs to be performed at a fair price.

Our certified staff offers the experienced and qualifications to bring your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. Call us for a Free Estimate and evaluation today . . .







What causes mold?

The most common cause of mold contamination is water intrusion. Often caused by a leaky roof, leaking pipe in the wall, floor, or ceiling from a pressurized line or a drain line that can start slowly and cause extensive damage and vertually go undetected for days or even weeks. Can you remove “hidden mold” from inside the walls without removing the drywall? Answer – NO!”

If you have had a water leak or a flood in your home or business, there may be hidden damage that has gone unaddressed. Mold concerns that you have, may be a direct result of a flooding incident. Hidden mold inside yor walls, flooring, or ceilings cannot be eleminated by surface cleaning. Don’t be fooled.

What is mold?

Molds are fungi occur naturally in our environment. There are thousands of different types and species of mold, neither of which determines their level of toxicity or harmfulness to humans.

Molds are a common part of our environment, but can become a problematic when they grow in homes and buildings.

If you think you may have mold in your home or business, call and get a free inspection. Its better to be safe than sorry by ignoring the potential problem and risking your, or your families health. This can only lead to a more costly solution.

Most mold damage is not as serious or costly to resolve as you may think. We offer substantial discounts on our mold abatement services, as well as insurance coverage options if your damage qualifies

We offer substancial discounts, as well as insurance coverage options if your damage qualifies.

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