Why Do You Need A Professional Mold Testing Service

If you’ve noticed mold growing on your walls, floors, or roof, it’s time to investigate all your mold removal options. The worst that can happen if the situation is ignored is you will soon see your carpets, wooden furniture, tiles, paint, pipes, and other essential household items molding away. The question is “Do I really need mold remediation service?” The answer depends entirely on the type of mold that has begun its infestation. In specific cases, a seemingly larger affected area may actually be less harmful than a minor spot, because of the kinds of molds involved. To determine the kind of mold and extent of damage sometimes needs expert assessments; that is why professional mold testing services are promptly called in for evaluation these days. Identifying the type of mold and its characteristics helps decides the type of treatment.

When Do You Need Mold Testing?

Molds are not always completely visible. They may start growing as a tiny spot and turn into large colonies in time. It is NOT okay to live with any kind of mold contamination, but certain kinds are immensely toxic and must be removed from living spaces post haste. People often confuse dust and mold, but that is not a big issue. You can conduct mold testing in Phoenix (from the safe confines of your home) with diluted bleach. Dab the solution over a cloth or swab and let it contact the surface. If the spot immediately lightens and then comes back, know that you are in dire need of professional mold testing services: you have a mold infestation.

Professional Mold Testing vs DIY Mold Testing

Professional mold testing are easily accessible in the market, and so are testing kits. But your actual concern should be finding out which companies and kits put their money where their mouths are, it is imperative to determine which ones are more effective and why, before investing in them. To answer this, we have researched the market, to make comparison, and we’d like to share the results with you.

DIY Mold Testing

DIY mold testing kits are easy to use and give a prompt positive or negative result, confirming or assuaging your doubts. DIY kits are economical, ranging from $10 to $40 and contain all necessary instructions in manuals. Plus with the added advantage of the internet, finding additional online resources on how to use these kits is always a good idea before you start. Do note that the results may not always have pinpoint precision. Your DIY testing kit may detect that you are in fact dealing with mold, but it may not identify which type of mold it is, or the extent of its toxicity. To then utilize other resources for further investigations is nerve wracking to say the least, but also will take time and more cash. Add to these factors, that there is a chance that you have already started facing health consequences, depending on the mold type.

If your kit doesn’t give you exact details, it is better to prevent further risks and call a professional mold testing expert you if you have determined that you are dealing with mold,.

Professional Mold Testing

Alternatively, professional mold testing experts are well equipped to identify the types of mold and their roots. A professional will minutely inspect the area to assess any complications to treatment before starting and being experienced, re better able to provide a long-term solution. Size doesn’t matter to the professionals, whether the contamination is contained or wide-spread, professional mold testing services conduct accurate air sampling and examine the spores through laboratory tests approved by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). If the mold has grown on your carpet or tiles, samples of the material will also be taken and passed for testing.

You will receive a concise, clear idea of what the problem is and its extent, helping you decide whether you need remediation services or not. With an in-depth evaluation of the affected areas, it becomes easier to take effectual safety measures to protect your family. If you have seniors in the premises or young kids and pets, we recommend you get professional mold testing services immediately as mold growth damages the respiratory system, causes allergies, eye irritation, and in extreme cases, deaths.

In Conclusion

Molds are commonly present in basements, attics, or bathrooms. It is always better to make regular checks, especially focusing on minor areas that often go unnoticed. There are many big companies offering professional mold testing in Phoenix, and depending on your criteria for choosing one; dependent on location, pricing; or testing methods don’t hesitate to hire one immediately after detecting mold in your home.

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