Professional Mold Removal Service-Everything You Need To Know

There are many remediation service providers in the mold removal market in Arizona: some are genuine whilst others are scams. How to find the best service provider for you is a long debate.

If you have used professional mold removers before, you might make the right decision. But those getting professional mold removal done for the first time are more likely to get conned.

Here is some information to provide you enough knowledge of molds and their removal process to help you differentiate between fraudulent and authentic mold removal services in Arizona.

What Are Molds?

A mold is a living organism from the fungi kingdom that grows by spreading spores. These spores continuously float in the air and are more resistant to environmental conditions than the mold itself. Molds sustain themselves, dormant until they get a suitable environment to grow. They grow exponentially in moist and warm places and are primarily found in houses, buildings, food, plastic, wood, etc.

Some molds are hazardous to human and animal health and can damage property. So it is best practice not to ignore mold. They cause different kinds of allergies and respiratory tract infections in humans and pets. Their biodegrading ability slowly decays any matter on which they are living.

Mold Removal vs Mold Remediation

Mold removal is when the specialist physically removes all the mold from infected areas. In contrast, mold remediation focuses on diminishing the mold to a natural level where it is not harmful to residents. Both the terms are sometimes used interchangeably to mean fixing a mold problem on a property.

Technically speaking, the 100% removal of the mold is impossible and probably no one has ever achieved it. So, if a company guarantees the complete removal of the mold, know that it cannot be done.

Steps Involved In Professional Mold Removal

Inspection and Documentation

As a first step, a reputable professional from a proper mold removal company determines the presence of mold in the contaminated place and takes pictures to keep records. Using this data, the company will develop a proper plan to eradicate the mold problem.

The plan should include details like the duration of the removal process, tests needed to be conducted to gather more information, the need for special chemicals depending on the kind of mold, etc.

Determining Extent of Contamination

Never underestimate the growth of mold. It spreads very quickly and gets deep into places you cannot imagine. To combat this invasive enemy, it is crucial to find the primary cause of contamination. A professional mold removal company calculates the extent of the contamination and its source before beginning the removal or remediation process.

Mold Removal

Mold removal involves the cleaning of the existing mold and preventing its spread. Let’s suppose the affected area is ten sq. ft. to thirty sq. ft. In that case, professional mold removal companies follow certain removal guidelines, according to which the cleanup process follows the following steps:

Fix Water Leaks

Damp and wet places are the perfect spots for molds. So, when fighting them, one must attack their habitat and fix all leaking pipelines.

Isolate Contaminated Places

To prevent its spread, you must close all the doors and windows between the affected area and other house rooms. The remediation service providers should cover all openings and passageways connecting contaminated areas to clean ones with polyethylene sheets sealed with duct tape.

Removing Affected Materials

In most cases, you need to eradicate or completely remove any contaminated matter if there is no way to extract the mold from it. Items like insulation, wallpapers, carpets, wooden furniture must be removed from the house. The professional should place these items in plastic bags and seal them before taking them away from the house, to prevent spores from escaping.

Cleaning Contaminated Area

With the help of brush, mops, detergents, and antimicrobial applicants, the professional mold removal specialist cleans all affected places. After cleaning the whole area, trash is discarded in sealed polyethylene bags to avoid spreading contamination.

Cleaned areas are then washed with water, disinfectants and a damp cloth. The final step in the cleaning process involves drying the place with a vacuum.

Reinstalling Cleaned Fixtures, Furniture, and Materials

The material removed for cleaning is placed back after repairing any damage and removing contaminants.

Final Words

You now have everything you need to know about mold and professional mold removal services. You can reference the process mentioned in this article while taking assistance from a professional mold removal specialist.

To know whether the mold removal process was successful or not, test the moisture levels in the previously affected area. You must also see if there is any visible mold remaining. Most importantly disappearance of the physical symptoms is a prominent sign of the success of the process.

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