Mold Abatement Cost

We offer complete solutions to your mold problem whether its residential or commercial. With professional mold testing. we track mold in every corner of your property and remove it from its roots

What Is Mold Abatement AZ?

Mold abatement at AZ Remediation means the cleaning of the mold growing site and removing its presence. Remediation, in contrast, brings the household items and materials to their actual self by removing the mold spores permanently.
At AZ Remediation, we have professionally trained and certified staff that inspect your house for free, remove the black mold in basement . and prevent their regrowth.

What Does The Mold Abatement Cost At AZ Remediation?

Our core beliefs are aligned with our protocols that define the way how we tend to work. Our team only consists of certified Professional Mold Testing. Inspectors.

The mold abatement cost depends on the area where the mold is growing. The prices range from the basement, attic, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Once our professionals inspect your site area, we identify the extent of growth. Depending on the findings, we quote mold abatement cost. The range may vary from as low as $500 to as high as $7000 under extreme conditions for commercial establishments.

The average rate of the fee is actually based on the surface that requires cleaning. If your shower or bathroom has any growth, the mold abatement cost can go up to $500 if it’s not treated at an earlier stage. On the other hand, a large area-based attic with severe mold growth on the walls, roof, and floor has an extra cost associated with it..

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Mold Abatement Cost by Type

Molds can be of several types, and the most common one is Aspergillus and Clasdoporium, the abatement of both can also head up to more than $5000 dollars if it’s not fixed at an earlier stage. Fusarium and Serpula Lacrymans can be the most expensive to get rid of and ranges between $2000 to $7000.
The latter are expensive due to high risk, safety precautions requirements, equipment, and labor costs. In such a case, you should appoint our expert mold abatement and mold remediation near me. in AZ as the growth can be harmful to your health and cause breathing problems.

Mold Abatement Cost By Area Size

If your room is 200 sq. ft. of walls, the average mold abatement cost is $2500, but there is the slightest possibility that your entire room is affected by mold growth. Therefore, professional companies, such as AZ Remediation, charge per square foot.
On average, one sq. ft. costs $15 to $30. So, depending on your affected area, you can make a rough estimate. Since the attic and basement are large areas and have more mold growth chances in hidden places like ceilings, you have to pay more. However, the expansion is not the only factor that increases or decreases the remediation cost, the type of mold does that. If the smallest size has Fusarium growth, the mold abatement cost will be higher and vice versa.

The Mold Removal Cost Breakdown

The professional remediation companies with certified staff take full safety measures during the mold remediation process. We inspect your property first before you decide whether to hire us or not. At AZ Remediation, we have the latest equipment and know the most effective mold removal techniques. The mold abatement cost at AZ Remediation breakdown includes the following:

  • Molding removal equipment/material.
  • labor/staff.
  • Safety precautions according to the mold type.
  • Laboratory testing cost.
  • Asbestos Testing Kit.
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