How to Prevent Black Mold in Your Basement

Your basement has all the necessary elements that mold needs to grow in comfort. A damp, dark place with some oxygen is their perfect breeding ground, ideal for their growth. Molds are dangerous to health in many ways; not to mention unsightly. The health problems caused by the presence of molds effect sensitive people and pets quicker and much more.

Since getting rid of mold is not an easy task; it is therefore better to prevent their growth in the first place. This guide explains all the possible ways to avoid the development of black mold in basement.

Before learning the following prevention tips, one must understand the causes for black mold infestation in basements.

Causes of mold in the basement

To order to eradicate mold so it doesn’t return ever again, you must first learn why and how it found its way into your home, to begin with.

The science behind the occurrence of mold is simple. These fungi grow in damp and dark places. In wet or slightly wet areas, their spores start to thrive and eventually become a colony of millions from a single cell. If the dampness is factored out, mold will be eradicated. Without moisture, they cannot survive.

Your basement might be moist for any or all of the following reasons:


If your house around 20 to 30 years old, there is a good chance that your walls are not as strong as they used to be. If that s true, they will allow moisture from heavy rainfall or even floods to seep into the house. This water is most likely to leave the basement wet, allowing mold to grow on the furniture, walls, carpets, etc.

Leak Pipelines

Sometimes the apparent cause for moisture laden spots inside your home may remain hidden. The most common reason for enigmatic wet walls is leaked water pipelines, either inside the walls or underground. If there is any such leakage in your house, it is most likely that you will also be living with black mold.

High Humidity

Houses in wet and humid areas are more prone to mold. In such circumstance, no matter what you do, you will not be able to completely dry your home. A point to remember is that humidifiers and air vents encourage mold growth.

Ways To Prevent Black Mold In Basement

Now with a clearer understanding of how molds enter and spread inside your home, let’s jump to methods of preventing black mold in the basement.

Keep Your Basement Dry

Constant cleaning may seem like an apparent solution but is not really the answer to this issue. Look at the root cause of mold infestation, if it has been caused by leakages in pipelines, repairing the pipelines is the first course of action. One cannot control water influx due to floods, so it makes sense to ensure instead that your house is above the ground level. Also make sure the base of the house slopes away from nearby water sources so that any rain or flood water does not remain standing long enough to find its way into your home.

Clean Daily

The basement is an integral part of your house. Leaving it uncleaned for months and years increases the possibility of black mold in the basement. You must clean it regularly to avoid mold growth.

Replace Moldy Stuff

You can control black mold on carpet, furniture, and other materials by throwing out infected items if possible. However, be very careful while moving moldy material out of the house. Protect yourself by wearing masks, gloves, etc. so that you do not breathe in spores. Similarly, protect your home by covering the affected items in polyethylene bags during transporting.

Remove Mold From Infected Items

Certain items that have been infected by mold, may be irreplaceable. In such cases, clean the material that you cannot replace—for instance, walls, floors, ceilings, and other hard materials. You can remove mold yourself or hire a professional black mold service in Phoenix, Az. If undertaking the task yourself, make sure you wear all complete personal protective equipment, i.e., gloves, eyewear, gloves, etc.

Install Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan and dehumidifier removes moisture from the air. Ensure that the equipment’s vents releases contaminated air outside the house and not in the attic. While running exhaust fans or dehumidifiers, close all windows and doors so that moisture from the outside, does not enter the house.

The Right Time To Call In Professionals

You can treat molds quickly in mild cases, but significant issues like hidden molds and uncontrolled growth require a professional mold removal service. While choosing the mold controlling specialist, ensure that they are certified and experienced in their field. Check for references and check if they qualify to remove mold and replace objects. Look for a company specializing in basement encapsulation. Such companies may also be able to control the recurrence of the black mold in the basement.

Final Words

Molds are frightening because of their long-term devastating effects of human and animal health. Get rid of them as soon as you can, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from various allergies and other diseases. Exposure to mold is known to cause several health issues such as; nasal stuffiness, eye and/or throat irritation, coughing, and wheezing, as well as skin irritation in some cases. Depending on the time and nature of exposure to mold, it may also cause heightened sensitivity

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