We Provide Professional Asbestos Testing In Phoenix, Az

Your walls and floor can be hazardous if you ignore the structural elements of your surroundings. To prevent severe health problems like lung cancer, you need to inspect your rooms and workplace’s walls. Asbestos, a building material, plays a considerable role in deteriorating your health, especially if you have breathing issues. To ensure safety, you need to have Asbestos Testing in Phoenix at least once when you’re renovating or any other major construction has taken place mold remediation near me.. We at AZ Remediation provide reliable and certified Asbestos testing services at affordable rates.

Why Do You Need Asbestos Testing?

Asbestos is an element used in construction for manufacturing walls, tiles, floors, ceilings, and textured paint. The properties constructed before 1980 have a considerable amount of asbestos. Today’s time, in comparison, has minor consumption of this building material due to awareness of health consequences and ban by the government. Asbestos usually starts releasing dust particles or fibers, and when you inhale them, they go down your throat and affect the lungs severely. To stay intact, you need to hire a professional firm with Asbestos Testing Kit and experienced staff who take precautionary measures during the process. We, at AZ Remediation, consist of a team of insured, certified, and licensed black mold in basement . specialists by Arizona’s government.

It’s High Time You Got An Asbestos Testing Kit

Asbestos can be present anywhere in the air. Prevention is the key to better health. At AZ Remediation, we evacuate the place before starting the testing process, wear masks, gloves, and other safety clothes. Following is the process we follow at AZ Remediation:

1. Sampling

We take samples from every room. The expert team either collects the dust sample from the room or takes a piece of a physical item. It can be a piece of cloth, pipe, tile, paper, or any other element in the room. Later, we store the sample in a zip-lock bag and keep it safe until passing through the testing kit.

2. Testing Methodology

Once we get the samples, we take them to our laboratory and conduct further testing. Polarized Light Microscopy is one method that tests the bulk number of samples. After this comes the point count, which determines the type of asbestos and the quantity. In the end, we do the gravimetric point count to analyze the count in the overall area further.

Cost Of Asbestos Testing In Phoenix, Az

The mold abatement cost of Asbestos testing depends on the area and the type of sample you want our team to collect. Air samples are comparatively easy to gather and less expensive. While the material-based requires more costly equipment and we charge differently for that. The least it can cost $30 per sample or even $200. We ensure the safety of our staff and other details too. The main factors on which prices vary are:

So, if you have a big house constructed before the 1980s or so, you should get ready to a budget for asbestos testing and removal.

How Long Do Asbestos Testing Results Take?

Collecting samples and taking them to the laboratory for critical analysis is time consuming. At AZ Remediation, you can get the results within five to ten working days in total for Professional Asbestos Testing In Phoenix, Az. We understand that asbestos is crucially unhealthy for you and do not delay the process.
Our experts try their best to get reliable results within the least amount of time. In case of a hurry or an emergency, the process can be expedited for Professional Asbestos Testing In Phoenix, Az
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