All You Need To Know About Asbestos Testing In Phoenix Az

Not a very long time ago, asbestos was part of every construction in the USA. Houses, residential, and commercial buildings were all made by mixing asbestos in the raw material because it was undoubtedly an effective insulator. But now that we are aware of how harmful it is for health, getting rid of it should be everyone’s top priority.
Asbestos fibers, when inhaled or ingested get stuck in the body forever. Breathing in asbestos particles for years can cause inflammation, scarring, asbestosis, and even lung cancer. It is also recognized as the cause of other forms of cancer.
This guide will explain every detail you need to know about asbestos testing kit.

Where Can You Find Asbestos In Your House?

Although the US government has banned the addition of asbestos in buildings and homes, structures built before the 1980s may still contain asbestos. The places in your house where you can find asbestos most likely are:

  • Roof flashing
  • Steam pipes
  • Ceiling and floor tiles
  • Cement and plaster material
  • Textured and other forms of paint
  • Wallboards
  • Attic insulation
  • The glue that sticks tiles to wood etc

Asbestos Testing- Can You Do It Yourself?

It is impossible to identify asbestos just by looking at it, so to identify it, you would have to perform an asbestos test using kits and send the samples to the lab.
An asbestos testing kit comes with all the safety equipment you need, like gloves and masks. All these kits follow the same procedure of two steps. You collect the sample from the suspected places in your house and send it for testing to the lab. The lab then confirms if there is asbestos-containing material in the secured piece or not.
Even though asbestos testing kits appear to be a tempting option, certain risks are associated with them. For this reason, we suggest hiring the best professional agencies for asbestos testing in Phoenix, Az.
The possible issues concerning DIY asbestos testing are explained in the next section.

Why Should You Not Attempt Asbestos Testing Yourself?

Well, there are many reasons why a non-professional person must not try testing asbestos. These reasons include:


When we talk about accuracy, it is essential to consider experience. The asbestos testing kits are pretty basic; to perform an error-free test, you need to have a background in collecting correct samples. Other materials in the home or structure may also resemble asbestos in appearance, due to which it is tricky to identify it, and you may send the wrong samples to the lab for analysis. That is a waste of time, effort, money and resources.

Asbestos exposure

Exposure to asbestos in any form is harmful to health. If you suspect it is present in your house, you probably are right. If you’re right, it is unwise to get involved in testing samples yourself. An inexperienced and untrained person, can easily expose themselves to asbestos which can cause serious health issues and even be fatal in some cases.


Since asbestos testing kits are very basic, the personal protective equipment that comes with the kit is not very reliable. Airborne asbestos particles can still get past the disposable mask into the lungs and can trapped in the body. Sooner or later, asbestos particles do cause diseases.

Spreading Asbestos

Even though asbestos may have been present in your place since forever, it was hidden behind layers.  Your inexperienced handling can disturb and release asbestos particles into your airways increasing risks significantly. Professionals can ensure a testing site is free from asbestos fibers once the testing is conducted. They will seal the areas from where they collect the samples to protect other places and things from escaping asbestos fibers.

Why Hiring A Professional Asbestos Testing Service Is Crucial?

As a layman, you are not experienced in asbestos handling and can make fatal mistakes while carrying out the test.

Professionals have years of training and experience along with specialized equipment for performing their job. They know what they are searching for and how to perform the test safely while protecting the environment from contamination.

Hiring an asbestos testing service in Phoenix, AZ, is more cost-effective than performing the test by yourself. There are several different materials, and you may not possess expert-level knowledge to choose the suitable test kit or the right materials. Therefore, you end up spending a lot of money on these trials, not to mention the lab fees for sample testing.

Final Words

After all that is mentioned above, we conclude that asbestos testing is not child’s play and should not be undertaken by everyone. Even if it seems like a great idea and a money saver, performing the test yourself, but taking a chance with such a toxic material is not wise.

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